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"Search Engines Don't Know How Big You Are.. They Only Know Your SEO"

SEO Friendly™ programs are for the small business owner who wants to expand their business’s presence online at an affordable price.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique used by web designers to gain page ranking, or higher listing in search results generated from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.  Our SEO Friendly™ program helps your business website gain page ranking using solid SEO mechanics and techniques.  Our pricing is small for the small business owner however our clients get the same results as the big internet marketing companies with the search engines.  Call us (775) 737-9600 for your own SEO Friendly™ website.

SEO Monthly Tracking & PromotionZephyr Package $199/Mo

SEO Services & Marketing* Detailed Monitoring & Tracking Reports from Google, Yahoo, & Bing
* Optimize Meta Tags & Keywords based upon Trends & Results
* Off Page Optimization - Article, Press Release, Directory Submissions
* Social Media Marketing & Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

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Website Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

SEO Friendly™ – Website Mechanics Program

Our Website Mechanics is a 3 month program that will get your website noticed and ranked by the search engines.  ‘SEO Mechanics’ refers to the site’s structure & navigation, keywords & meta text, picture & header tags, and written content of any particular webpage.  Google, Yahoo, & Bing look at these specific SEO traits for their search engine result pages (SERPs) algorithm to determine where your website ranks with others for the entered search query.  Get your website’s SEO mechanics done for $149/month for 3 months which includes your choice of (2) Webpages, and then only add $35/month for each additional page in your website that you want optimized and configured using our SEO Friendly™ Website Mechanics technique.

SEO Friendly™ | Monthly Website Tracking and Promotion

After you performed our SEO Friendly™ Mechanics on your website and its pages, you can continue your website SEO tracking, maintenance, and promotion with our monthly contracts of 3, 6, or 12 months in length.  Keep your website at top of the search results for your keywords, and your website content fresh and up to date.  This program is great when your products change frequently, or if you have a lot of promotional sale activities, or new trends in your industry or services, or just keeping your website content changing.  Let us promote and track your website activity for $199/month for (5) web pages, and $30/month for each additional page you want tracked, promoted, and maintained.  Get SEO Mechanics for a new webpage add $45/mo.