Hosted PBX System VoIP Phone Service

Get your own Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system for the monthly cost of just a phone line. PBX includes an automated attendant, hunt groups, music on hold, and voice mail to email with your hosted PBX solution. The phone lines includes all the services you need like unlimited domestic calling, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, & 3-way calling is free not an upgrade. Add the convenience of an intuitive and online admin management tool along with free technical support your business’s phone communication infrastructure will rival even the biggest companies.

KVUCloud™ Hosted PBX VoIP phone service provides your business with the cost-savings of UNLIMITED domestic VoIP telephone service plus features like a customizable main number greeting and routing for incoming calls.

Hunt Group

Direct calls to a group of employees like Sales or Support, so that important calls are answered and addressed quickly. You can decide if calls will be routed sequentially (round-robin), to the Hunt Group member who has been idle the longest or to all Hunt Group members simultaneously.

Voice Menu

Set up an automated attendant to answer your company’s phone and route callers to a user’s extension or to a Hunt Groups. Voice Menu ensures calls are answered and attended to without having to assign additional staff to answer the phones.

Music/Greetings on Hold

Upload up to five files with music/greetings for callers to listen to while they’re waiting for Voice Menu calls to be picked up. You can also upload a unique greet for each Hunt Group.

Online Administration

Through  KVUCloud™ Control Panel, you can add and manage hosted PBX users, set  up and manage Voice Menu or Hunt Group, manage Music on Hold, and view  six months of call history for all users.

Direct Phone Number

Callers can dial you directly on your own local phone number.

Unique Extension and Extension Dialing

Make calls within your company using a short, 3-digit extension.

Personal Online Administration

KVUCloud™ Outlook Web App for Exchange 2010, and using My Services option in the end user control panel, users can reset  voicemail PIN, manage voicemail-to-email settings and manage find  me/follow me settings, log into/out of Hunt Group, and view last two  months of call history

Find me follow me

Prevent missed calls with the find me/follow me feature that forwards calls to up to three additional phone numbers when you're away from your hosted PBX phone.

Voicemail to email

With voice mail to email, you can listen to voice mails directly from Outlook. Each email is delivered as a .wav attachment, allowing you to easily listen to and store voice mails, plus forward a voice mail to anyone with an email address.

KVUCloud™ managed hosting services offers number porting for those who would like to transfer an existing  business number or set of numbers to our service.

Hosted Lync Secure Instant Messaging

Hosted Lync Instant MessagingMicrosoft Lync Secure Instant Messaging from KVUCloud gives you secure, business-grade instant messaging, presence and more in one solution, allowing streamlined communications with greater flexibility and control.  Lync is the next generation cloud-based instant messaging from Microsoft and integrates advanced web conference tools.  You can manage instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, meetings and shared whiteboard sessions right from your PC.

Team Collaboration, One Easy Interface

Lync Secure Instant Messaging includes robust features that take office communications to a new level while providing a secure and professional alternative for instant messaging.

Collaborate Across Multiple Remote Offices

Securely chat with co-workers in any office via instant messaging.  Keep projects and work flowing with real-time communications, even with a distributed, mobile workforce.  Employees can chat using the Lync PC client, Outlook or directly in Outlook Web App.  Lync also provides an immediate, visual indicator of colleagues' ability to chat.  A wide range of indicators like "available", "away", "busy", and "do not disturb" are used to help manage reach ability.  Since Lync integrates with Exchange, presence indicators are automatically updated depending on users' calendars.  Presence is also displayed in Outlook, in SharePoint team sites and in Microsoft Office applications, wherever a contact's name displayed.

Enhanced Group Communications

Share information more efficiently with topic-based, multi-party discussions and desktop sharing.  Chat partners can see any document, application or web browser so that ideas are communicated faster and work is completed more efficiently.  Group chat combined with desktop sharing is a powerful tool to drive collaboration and information sharing across your organization, particularly if you have employees in different locations.

Control Operating Costs

Seamlessly transition to video with a single click, while instantly improving collaboration with your chat partners.  Integrated voice and video chat keeps travel costs and conferencing fees down.

Enhanced Virtual Meeting

Lync Secure Instant Messaging is all you need for both spontaneous and scheduled meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners.  Gain operational and productivity efficiencies while staying connected.

Join or Schedule Online Meetings

Integration with Exchange allows for single-click scheduling directly from Outlook, with predefined conferencing properties that meet the needs of a majority of users without any modifications.  Participants can join meetings directly from Outlook or from their Lync PC client.

Desktop and Application Sharing

Presenters can broadcast visuals, applications, web pages, documents, software or any part of a desktop to conference participants.

Virtual Whiteboard

Online meetings become more effective with the use of a virtual whiteboard, allowing presenters to draw, add text and highlight information with powerful and flexible annotation tools.

Desktop sharing, video chat, and Enhanced Virtual Meetings elements require, Lync Secure Instant Messaging Enterprise version.
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